Playing Cards

This section hosts a variety of zip files containing playing card decks.

Playing Cards Deck preview image
  • A deck contains 56 cards: 1 introduction card (detailing copyright information, etc.), 2 designs for back cards, 1 joker and the standard 52 face cards.
  • A deck is available as a single image file and as 56 separate image files.
  • All cards are in PNG format.
  • Typically both standard and high quality (HQ) versions are supplied (but this could be restricted based on the source quality of the images used in the designs). HQ cards are a lot larger file sizes and are primarily designed for 4K monitor support.
  • A HTML document is supplied, which displays a variety of the cards and in various sizes(/scales). This is useful if you wish to use the deck as an image sprite on a webpage (as the positions have already been mapped for you).
  • If relevant, you will also find a 'Credits' text file, which will be used for any appropriate attributions.

In general, the playing cards are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. However, some may be restricted based on copyright material they use (The Simpsons deck is an example of this).

Basic Deck 6 MB
Playing Cards - Basic Deck
The Simpsons 35 MB
Playing Cards - The Simpsons Deck
And more playing card decks will be created in the future.