The Hi-Lo+ Game

A "higher or lower" type card game with a quiz element and bonus features, that also supports themes.

The Hi-Lo+ Game is an updated version of the classic higher-lower card game. It has optional quiz questions presented when a pair is drawn. At the end of a round there is the chance to gamble round points scored. It also has a bonus round (pick a box to reveal a bonus prize) if the user builds up the bonus bar (one bonus letter is lit every time 5-in-a-row is achieved in a round). It also has themes that change either or both the quiz questions and the card designs.

The Hi-Lo+ Game 1 MB Requires Microsoft .NET version v4.0 or above

Themes for The Hi-Lo+ Game

The Hi-Lo+ Game - Themes

This section hosts a variety of zip files containing themes for The Hi-Lo+ Game. Each theme contains a folder/directory that is named after the theme; and within that folder is one or both theme files:

The image file of the playing card deck.
The storage file containing the quiz questions.

If either of these files are not included in the theme then the default (built-in) version will be used instead. (So you could create your own themes where you just have new quiz questions included, for example - meaning that you don't have to worry about creating a new deck design; or vice versa.)

Installation Directions

Simply unzip the contents into the 'Themes' folder in the game's directory.
Caution: make sure only the exact contents are extracted to the 'Themes' folder.
E.g. the structure for Deck.png in The Simpsons theme should be as follows:
\Themes\The Simpsons\Deck.png.
Windows will likely extract it as:
\Themes\Hi-Lo+.Theme.-.The.Simpsons\The Simpsons\Deck.png.
The above is wrong - it would result in a theme called 'Hi-Lo+.Theme.-.The.Simpsons' with no files found.

Standard Deck 2 MB Contains only Deck.png
The Hi-Lo+ Game - Standard Theme
And more themes will be created in the future.
NB High Quality versions are recommended for 4K monitors.